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Superstations are available to all Dish Network subscribers for $4.99 / month. (UPDATE: As of 8/1/02 the package price has been increased to $5.99) If you are eligible for locals or distant networks from Dish, they can be combined with the Superstation package for additional savings. (UPDATE:  It has been reported that the superstation/Distant Network discount is no longer available to new customers as of 2/1/04, however some have reported still being able to get this discount without asking for it.  The discount is unpublished if it still exists)

This package is still available nationwide for $5.99/mo as of 9/25/06
ChannelNameEPGCategoryOrbital Position
232KTLA-TV (CW - Los Angeles)KTLABroadcast119
234WPIX-TV (CW - New York)WPIXBroadcast119
235KWGN-TV (CW - Denver)KWGNBroadcast119
236WSBK-TV (Ind - Boston)WSBKBroadcast119
238WWOR-TV (MyTV - New York)WWORBroadcast119

Why aren't WTBS and WGN included in the Superstation Package?
WTBS and WGN as available through cable and Satellite are no longer technically Superstations. They are now basic cable channels.
WTBS 17 Atlanta is now the sole broadcast affiliate of the TBS basic cable channel. TBS is available on the AT60 Programming package or higher.
WGN Superstation and WGN 9 Chicago only share about 50% of the same program schedule. WGN Superstation is a basic cable channel available as part of the AT100CD Programming package or higher. WGN 9 Chicago is available to Chicago Designated Marketing Area (DMA) residents as part of the Dish Locals package.