Retailer Chat Summary, March 2000

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03/24/00 Dealer Chat

Dish Network again delayed the official announcement of the full AT150 programming package. Unofficially, however, they did release information on the channels that are going to be part of the package. There are undoubtably more to come, but Dish Network cannot confirm anything further as of this date. As more information becomes available, I will post it here.

Here's the list so far:

The Starz! Package will include:

....those who get Starz! on or before 3/31/2000 will get "grandfathered" for Encore Westerns. Starting 4/1/2000 Westerns will only be in AT150.

Westerns will be AT150, but will stay in Starz! for only those who subscribe to Starz! before April 1st. Two TMCs will be in AT150 (probaby West, but DISH didn't say on the dealer chat today.)

03/25/00 Flash

This morning, ClickTV added dozens of new channels to the Dish lineup. Since it takes several days for ClickTV to prepare these items, it's obvious that Dish released this information to them a while ago. I have no idea if the information is up to date and correct, but since it comes from a fairly reliable source, I'm passing it along. Thanks to Steve Unpro for many of the following links.

Here's the list:

Go to the AT150 programming page for current AT150 offerings