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While modifications can enhance the features of EchoStar products, it must be noted that these modifications are not for amateurs. If you are not comfortable holding and using a soldering iron, you should not attempt the IR modifications. If you can't change a hard drive in your PC, don't try it on the DISHPlayer. Modifications will void your warranty, and if not done properly, may result in damage to your equipment. High voltages are present in the DISHPlayer's power supply. Never open the cover on a piece of equipment that is plugged in. The EchoStar Knowledge Base can not recommend any modification posted here. Modifications are performed at your own risk.

* Only early 5000s need the IR upfit. Later units have both UHF and IR remote capability. To determine if your 5000 needs the upfit, read the following:

Depends on your 5000. The early 5000s could only receive UHF, then a running production change in late 1997 added IR support. The blue sticker on the front of the 5K (if it's still there) will tell you if it has IR support.

If the serial number (not the R00... number, but the one on the back of the unit that's letters and numbers) is xxxBTH, BTJ, or BTK... it should work with a universal. If it's xxxBTF it won't, and xxxBTG it might.

If you're still in doubt, try removing the UHF antenna from the back of your 5000 and see if the remote still works.