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DISHPlayer records for only one minute

I have set up both my 7100's to record repeated daily/weekly kids programs. For some reason some record fine, others record for just 1 minute (mostly at night). Always 1 minute - never more or less. Anyone else experience this?

If this is happening on recordings to your hard drive (using PTV), this has been reported by other users. It seems to be a bug related to the daily EPG download that happens overnight.

Running the DISHPlayer diagnostics seems to fix this. After running the diagnostic, turn off the DP and turn it back on. That will fix the “December 31st, 1 minute” problem. Someone reported this to the group, and it also fixed mine.

However, if you're having this problem when using a VCR, it may be the following OTR (One Touch Record) bug that afflicts many devices that use an IR blaster to trigger your VCR's record function.

It's not your DISHPlayer, it's your VCR. Many VCRs go into OTR mode if the “record” IR command is held too long. When no additional “record” commands arrive, the VCR times out after a minute and stops.

See if your VCR has a menu option to disable OTR from the remote or completely. If not, you might want to tell the DISHPlayer to try some other remote codes, perhaps one of them will not trigger the OTR mode.

Some Questions about VCRs and the DISHPlayer

Since you can pause a live show for up to one half hr. at no charge, does that in essence allow you to tape 1/2 shows for free?

Actually, the pause works up to the amount of free space on the disk for PTV subs and 30 minutes for non-PTV subs. You can record also, but until you subscribe, you will only be able to play back 10 minutes of the recorded program. See Some PTV Questions and Answers for more information about PTV.

Also I'm wondering if the unit allows you to go in and edit stop & start times on one touch, does it have one touch record & event timer? If so, how many events can you set to tape.

Well, it may not be like the one touch you're used to, but the DISHPlayer supports VCR (and PTV) timers from the EPG. You can set up to 50 event timers on the DISHPlayer. Currently, the DISHPlayer event timers cannot be edited to the minute, but the end time can be extended in by 30, 60, or 120 minutes on new or existing timers.

I have found that sometimes the program or movie lasts longer than the time slot for the one touch record and I need to edit the start/stop times.

This is notably missing from the current release of the DISHPlayer software, it's been promised that a new release will restore it. Currently, you can extend the end time of a timer by 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

Warning, parental locks don't work on PTV'd programs

Reported by Barry

The locks DO NOT block movies saved on the hard drive!! My 10 year old daughter got to watch an R movie. Looks like those with Exxtasy better be careful! I hope someone informs DISH about this. I tried to tell a CSR, but they didn't seem to have a clue what I was talking about.

Reported by Darek

Actually it does. To record R rated movie you have to unlock it first. If you than turn the receiver off/on, everything will be locked including movies on HD.