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Games were removed, along with Notices and Instant News, on Oct 15, 2003. The following is only for possible historical interest.

Most DISHPlayer PTV users seem to have gotten their games by now. If you've recently activated PTV on a DISHPlayer, you may have to wait a bit for your games to download. Some users report that games download Thursday night, others report that games download Saturday morning. Everybody reports that the games haven't changed for quite some time, despite the promise of a new episode of “You don't know Jack” weekly.

From: laser21
I had to turn off my 7100 at night to receive the games. I usually leave it on all the time but I wasn't getting the games. When I called Dish they told me to turn it off at night and I had the games the next morning.

[01/21/00] Note: There does seem to be a real problem of some sort with games and PTV. Dish knows about it, but cannot promise a solution immediately.

Try to be patient, I'll announce news when the problem is fixed. (jbuff)

[02/02/00] Note: There is no code that will reset the DISHPlayer and allow it to get the games. A procedure has been reported (but not confirmed) that may work, and I'll post info as soon as I get confirmation. (jbuff)

[02/02/00] Flash . What HAS been reported to work is removing the hard drive, putting it into a PC and using FDISK to completely remove any formatting (since the DP format is “non standard”, creating a DOS partition then removing it should do the trick), then reinstalling it in the DP. The DP will then call WebTV to get a software DL over the phone line to reformat the HD. THIS seems to activate the games for PTV customers. See the Mods Page for a link to Ben Reser's DISHPlayer HD Upgrade Site for more detailed instructions on the disassembly and reassembly of the DISHPlayer.

[02/12/00] Flash Another painless method has been reported to get the games on your 7100. Subscribe to WebTV, then cancel the following day. According to current WebTV policy, you will not be charged, and you will have the games without voiding your warranty.