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A La Carte Programming

Although information is hard to find, Dish still offers the A La Carte channels and mini-packages which can be ordered seperately and in addition to a other packages.

Individual channels available A La Carte:

Baby First TV$9.95/mo
Bloomberg TV (Business News)$1.50/mo
* PBS$1.50/mo
The Outdoor Channel (Not Outdoor Life Network)$1.99/mo
RFD TV$1.99/mo
** KTLA WB Los Angeles$1.50/mo
** KWGN WB Denver$1.50/mo
** WPIX WB New York$1.50/mo
** WSBK UPN Boston$1.50/mo
** WWOR UPN New York$1.50/mo

* PBS no longer allows the national channel to be sold unless the subscriber qualifies to receive this channel. Go to the PBS Web site to see if you qualify to receive a channel that is supported by YOUR tax dollars.
** Customer must qualify to get these Superstations per FCC regulations.  See the Dish Web Site to see if you qualify.

Adult channels

Playboy Channel$14.99/mo or PPV
Extasy$27.99 or PPV
TEN (The Erotic Network)$22.99/mo or PPV
ETC (Erotic TV Clips)$22.99/mo or PPV


Local Channels.$5.99/mo
Superstations Package$5.99/mo
Action Pack Programming (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)$4.99/mo
Encore Pack Programming$4.99/mo
* Multi Sport Package$5.99/mo
Dish CD (32 CD Stereo Music Channels)$4.99/mo
The EPIX Package $7.00/mo
Heartland Package $5.00/mo
* Dominion Sky Angel (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)$14.99/mo (61.5)

Foreign Language Channels (61.5 or 148 locations only)

Antenna Satellite (Greek)$14.99/mo
Arirang TV (Korean)$14.99/mo
Asia TV (Not TV Asia) (Cantonese)$14.99/mo
Bollywood 4 You (Hindi)$19.99/mo
ERT Sat (Greek)$12.99/mo
Israeli Network$19.99/mo
Mega Cosmos (Greek)$14.99/mo
HTBA (NTV America) Russian$14.99/mo
Prime TV (Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto)$14.99/mo
Radio France Internationale$1.00/mo
Radio Maria (Italian)$5.00/mo
Radio Maria (Spanish)$5.00/mo
Radio Marija (Polish)$5.00/mo
RAI International (Italian)$9.99/mo (119 also)
Record Internacional (Portuguese/Brasilero)$14.99 ($10 with TV Globo)
RTP Internacional (Portuguese/European)*$4.00/mo
Sun TV (Tamil - South India/Celon)$14.99/mo
TV Globo (Portuguese/Brasilero)$19.99/mo
TV Japan$25.00/mo
TVN (Polish)$9.99/mo
TV5 (French)$9.99/mo
Zee Gold (Hindi)$19.99/mo

These channels may be purchased without the need for additional packages for an additional $6/mo.

*except the following:

For example, AT100+Bloomberg would be 21.99+1.50. Bloomberg by itself with no other programming package would be 1.50 + $6 programming access fee. One must subscribe to at least AT100 or Dish Latino to avoid the programming access fee.

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