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DISH Network has added many features to the 922 and changed several others. This guide will cover items not found in the original manual ( To check your version, go to Menu-Menu. See Dish Network Receiver Software Versions for current versions of all receivers.

Remote Control

To locate the remote, press Select on the front panel for 10 seconds.

How to Link/Unlink the Remote (

Menu Shortcuts

These shortcuts can greatly reduce the number of button presses required to get to some commonly used screens, for instance reaching the Closed Captioning menu is cut from 9 keystrokes to 2. They do not appear on the menu screen title bars or the tiles.

From Live TV: Jump between banner and screen menus Quick Clicks Settings Menu Broadband Setup
From Main Menu: Jump between banner and screen menus On Demand Settings Menu Broadband Setup
From Settings Menu: Jump between banner and screen menus Super Diagnostics System Info Point Dish Broadband Setup
From Settings Menu 1
Remote Settings
2 abc
Parental Controls
3 def
Phone line Setup
4 ghi
Dish COMM Setup
5 jkl
Caller ID Setup
6 mno
7 pqrs
Closed Captioning
8 tuv
Shared View Settings
9 wxyz
Record Plus Settings
Over the Air Settings

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