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The Model 6000 HDTV Receiver at the Echostar Dealer Summit

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At this week's Dish Network Team Summit, the satellite provider clarified the details surrounding its upcoming $499 model 6000 receiver with seamless integration of standard satellite, satellite HDTV, OTA NTSC, and OTA HDTV channels. The unit retains all of the features of the popular 5000 receiver, while adding a modern program guide and full support for satellite and over-the-air HDTV, eliminating the need for any additional equipment to receive and view HDTV with Dolby Digital.

The $499 price of the HDTV satellite receiver, dubbed the model 6000, will include a removable 8-VSB module for over-the-air reception of both digital and analog signals. This 8-VSB module is not expected to be ready in time for the product's introduction, so Dish Network intends to include a redeemable coupon for the module in the early shipments. Upon availability (~60 days after release), the OTA module using NxtWave's NXT2000 IC will be included with all receiver shipments.

Output connections on the product include wideband component (YPrPb), 15-pin RGB (SVGA), S-video, and two sets of composite, supporting virtually all shipping high-definition and standard televisions, as well as computer monitors and projectors. The unit will output on either wideband component (YPrPb), 15-pin RGB (SVGA), or S-video/composite, but only one at any given instant; switching among the outputs is performed seamlessly and instantly by pressing a button on the remote; the active output type is indicated by a LED on the front of the unit. There will be no IEEE 1394 (Firewire) output.

With regard to actual output format, 720p and 1080i options will be offered for both wideband component (YPrPb) and 15-pin RGB. In 720p mode, all standard programming and high-definition material will be output as 720p; in 1080i mode, all standard programming and high-definition material will be output as 1080i. All content, including HDTV, will be downconverted to 480i (HDTV displayed in widescreen letterbox format or cropped to fill full screen) through S-video and composite for display on older televisions.

Regarding programming, Dish Network representatives said they intended to make themselves the leading provider of high-definition content. More high-definition programming was said to be offered as it became available. [See HDTV Channels or Dish Channel List for current listing.]

Other Key features:

The reception to the unit at Team Summit was highly positive and maintained substantial interest.

Reported by Ken Fowler
Information and images courtesy of Charles A and Claude Greiner

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